English summary:

For over twenty-five years, Rorland Groenenboom has held curatorial positions in, and initiated and organized (touring) exhibitions as a freelance curator for collecting as well as non-collecting international cultural institutions.

His broad experience ranges from originating, developing and producing new exhibitions that include one or more new in situ work, to meticulously researched and documented (posthumous) survey shows.

Next to international exhibitions in renowned art institutions, he organized projects, presentations and events outside of the usual context of contemporary art exhibitions, such as the grass-roots art endeavors in a multicultural neighborhood in Rotterdam with the collective SENSATIONAL MIX (of which a founding member).

A focus on how the different fields of cultural production could relate and overlap is present from early on, resulting in conceptually and visually rich exhibitions that deal with a broad spectrum of themes and subjects in an extensive range of media.

Editor and author of publications, publisher, and critic.